About Us

We are life sciences investors.

We chose the last letter of the Greek alphabet “Ω” as our brand: we start our investment process by focusing on the impactful, value-creating inflection points we hope will be achieved by the companies we invest in. These inflection points are usually achieved by addressing severe, unmet medical needs with novel therapeutics, devices, or platform technologies. We are less interested in incremental innovation, as historically this has resulted in a lesser impact on diseases and, subsequently, on patients’ lives.

Once we identify these endpoints, we work our way backwards to identify the intermediate execution steps required. We then work in partnership with our companies’ founders, management teams and fellow co-investors to provide the necessary resources: domain knowledge and perspective, network connectivity, and capital.

We invest in biotechnology and medical device companies in North America and Western Europe. We have invested in early-stage, disruptive and scalable platform technologies, as well as therapeutics companies with defined products. We invest in both private and public companies via primary investments, PIPEs and direct secondaries.

Primary Venture – Investing in early-, mid- and late-stage private companies developing transformational technologies and products to address unmet needs in healthcare and biotechnology.
Publics – Supporting the capital needs of publicly traded, small-cap life sciences companies with short or medium term clinical milestones, usually via PIPEs or IPOs.
Direct Secondaries – Providing partial or total liquidity as well as follow-on capital, to existing shareholders in single assets or portfolios of companies.

Omega has a strategic relationship with NeoMed Management, a Jersey headquartered investment firm, which broadens our capabilities within key European markets and adds expertise in additional therapeutic areas and in medical devices. NeoMed will continue to manage its existing legacy funds, while assisting and advising on new investments for Omega’s current fund.

Omega’s investments have brought to market 37 products.